Beta Testnet Tutorial

Welcome and thank you all for participating in Accessifi testing, our MVP is a marketplace for creating, managing, and trading SAFT NFTs and we are currently in our Beta stage. We look forward to everyone’s feedback from UI/UX, debugging, constructive criticism as well as anything that you may wish to add or feature.
In order to get started and claim your testing tokens, you can first navigate to the marketplace through the link below and then follow the steps for claiming your tBNB and exchanging the tBNB for ACC and WETH testing.
Accessifi Marketplace:
From the Marketplace landing page, you can first connect your Metamask Wallet.
For your better experience, Chrome on PC is suggested.
1. Once Metamask is open you will have to click on the drop-down menu bar at the top to “Add a New Network” for testing Accessifi.
2. Fill out the form below according to the parameters given.
Network Name: Binance Smart Chain Testnet
Chain ID: 97
Currency Symbol: tBNB
Place your Metamask Wallet address in the field and request for 1 BNB and await the approval message and 1 tBNB to be deposited into your Metamask Wallet.
4. Once 1 tBNB has been claimed in your Metamask Wallet proceeed to send 0.1 to the address listed below to receive ACC and WETH for testing. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ARE NOT SENDING REAL BNB TO THIS ADDRESS, JUST THE tBNB.
tBNB Receiving Address: 0xE9611178C9ec0a834b1560e50256F883e3321f7d
One address can only claim testing tokens once.
Click Next and Confirm
In return, you should receive 200 ACC and 20 WETH testing tokens. Thanks for your patience and for following these steps!
If you are unable to see tesing tokens after sending tBNB to the contract, you can import these two addresses in the wallet to check the balances manually which should populate.
ACC Testing token Address: 0xa94360ff3901d63faf3e2756d69a00fc6a46260d
WETH Testing token Address: 0x62ee331e3350cf1db44dd65ddb515298f75fbdcb
Begin your Beta Exploration of the Accessifi Marketplace where you can create and sell your own SAFT NFTs, buy or bid or make offers on each other SAFT NFTs as well as many other features.
We eagerly look forward to your feedback and please feel free to send any feedback to [email protected]
Last modified 1yr ago