I have tokens

Often early-stage project teams that are still in development and have yet to release a token look to raise money through early investors with the responsiblity of distributing tokens at a later time, yet, if you already have tokens you can easily use the Accessifi platform to issue tokens to investors and create unique vesting models and token allocations and list on the Accessifi market for sale.
To start the process of minting your token into a SAFT NFT one must first Connect a Metamask Wallet and then proceed to fill out the Basic Information section. For ease of the process of filling out the Basic Information section, it is essential that you have your Token Generation Economics in line.
We believe that this business flow may become one of the mainstream token distribution models in the future, and can even directly replace the SAFT agreement, because it is simpler, lower risky, and directly opens up the new market to trading future tokens. It is more friendly to project teams, institutions and retail investors.