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Accessifi Marketplace focuses on SAFT NFT trading.
Accessifi Marketplace is the first and most specialized SAFT NFT Marketplace, which can clearly provide users with display of detailed informations, including the initial share of the NFT representative, vesting model, verification status, NFT price, sales method, current token price, balance, claimable balance, lock-up balance, etc.
And you can also easily view the creator, owner, and various on-chain operation records. Users can search SAFT and NFTs in a variety of ways to get the most accurate and detailed information, which is convenient for users to make value judgments and complete trading.
The trading service fee of Accessifi Marketplace is also very kind to users, even lower than the collectible NFT market. The service fee charged will be used to buyback ACC and burn to promote the value of ACC, encouraging the community and all participants.